Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ideas for Decorating Small Rooms and Small Spaces

Are you having a difficult time decorating a small space or small room? If so, start by thinking back to a room from your past that made you feel incredibly secure and happy. What did you like most about the room? Was it the furniture, color of the walls and accessories, or perhaps the way the room was arranged? The following home decorating tips for small rooms and small spaces will help you turn your decorating project into a reality and once again give you that secure and happy feeling.

*A modest dining area will appear much larger by hanging a large, framed mirror on one of the walls. It not only visually enhances the room’s dimension; it also opens up views of the rest of the house for guests seated opposite the wall. This home decorating tip can be used in any home regardless of size.

*One home decorating tip for maximizing space is to minimize the size of your furniture. Also, limiting the number of furniture pieces and choosing a flat-screen TV mounted on a wall help to open up a room with a low ceiling. Keeping furniture choices simple, such as armless chairs is another way to open up a room.

*Choose a coffee table that has either multiple shelves below to hold the usual clutter of too many coffee-table books or one that has a lid that lifts to store books, magazines and other items. This is a home decorating tip for a room of any size!

*To open up the entry area of your home or apartment, try to stay away from “space-eating” walls that divide the entry area from the living or family room. Shelving or a waist-high cabinet can provide the same purpose while also serving as a storage solution. Another idea is to do away with cabinets and walls entirely and establish a “faux-entry” room by using a low table or the backside of the sofa as a “wall.”

*Low-back or backless stools used at a kitchen counter or bar area give the illusion of more space because of their low profile—the eye can more easily take in everything in the room.

*Lighter wall, shelf, and cabinet colors will give the feeling of openness in a room. A popular home decorating tip used in many homes today is adding a touch of color by painting one accent wall in the room which draws attention to that area of the room. It’s a great way to add color to a room without being overbearing.

These are just a few home decorating tips for small rooms and spaces that can also be used successfully in any home. Use your creativity and imagination to help solve those decorating challenges you encounter with a small room or small space.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Home Decorating Tips to Use Today

Are you thinking about redecorating your home but are limited on time and money? If so, here are several quick and easy home decorating tips to add a refreshing sense of style to your home.

*Flowers and Plants – Every room of your house can benefit from the freshness of flowers and the beauty of green plants! Flowers and greenery bring immediate life to any room and prove to be a popular home decorating tip. Whether you prefer fresh, silk or dried flowers and greenery, choose (or create) arrangements that complement the overall d├ęcor of each room.

*Window Valances – Dress up bare windows or windows with blinds with valances. This home decorating tip is a simple way to add a decorative touch of color to any room; you will find a wide variety of ready-made valences in department and home decorating stores.

*Throw Rugs – What a great way to add color to any floor even if your floors are carpeted. A throw rug with vibrant colors or unique patterns gives a room a different look and is an “easy-to-do” home decorating tip. Throw rugs can be used as wall tapestries as well as area rugs!

*New Lighting – Combine direct light from a new light fixture or table lamp with the indirect light already present in a room, and you will add an inviting atmosphere to any room.

*Candlelight – Consider the home decorating tip of adding the magic of candlelight to a room by creating a “candlescape.” While one glittering candle adds a warm radiance to a room; a grouping of several candles creates drama. Choose from a cluster, a row or a collection of candles in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a mesmerizing allure.

These easy home decorating tips are aimed at everyone that strives for a comfortable, stylish home without spending too much time or money in the process. Take a bit of time over the weekend to get started with these easy home decorating tips.